Happy Bday HP

Happy Birthday Harry Potter!

It's a really common beginning for me to know your name appear on the screens and books. For that long long ago time, I thought you were just a naive wizard, and you didn't impress me.

When the sixth book published, and I read it. At that time, I haven't yet noticed Draco Malfoy as you did through whole year, but I was angry about you. The way Ginny kissed her boyfriend made you uncontrollable want to scream. Well same as I, but kinda of in opposite. How could you! How dare you like Ginny? At that time, I still believed you and Hermione would be together.

Well now... Thanks Draco Malfoy. I'm in the ship of drarry. And I'm proud of it.

I'm not specially interested in boys' love story, nor I could find some more sparkling scenes between two guys. It's just because that's Drarry. Draco Malfoy and Harry Potter. There are more tensions only between these two boys.

Anyway... Happy Birthday Harry Potter!

You are the boy who curses Malfoys, and who Draco Malfoy loves. And just like lots of people believe, they will be friends 19 years after the Hogwarts War. Maybe it's because of Scorpius and Albus, or maybe that is the way everything should be.

I'm selfishly saying that without Drarry I couldn't even remember Harry Potter's birthday.

So, thank you Joanna, taking me back to wizard world, bringing me into Drarry ship.

Happy Birthday, Harry Potter, I honestly wish you could have a wonderful birthday with your love Draco Malfoy (also he's my love), your sons James, Albus, your daughter Lily, and also Scorpius.

ps: I'm also in Scorbus/Alpius ship! Not decided yet who should be on the bottom... I wish it's Albus.

July 31st, 2016